May 22, 2008

Review Disclaimer:

  1. We are not paid to write product reviews.
  2. When reviewing products we will let readers know if we purchased the item ourselves or if it was a sample given to us by the company for the purpose of reviewing.
  3. The reviews that I or contributing writers of my blog write are based on our personal opinions of the products and companies.
  4. I share my opinion of products via my blog for informational purposes only.
  5. Giveaways hosted by this blog are sponsored by either the product company or a PR rep working for the company and not by Over Coffee – the green edition.
  6. We do not take responsibility for the quality, content, or dissatisfaction of products received via a giveaway. Such problems should be directed to the product company. However, I will communicate such dissatisfaction to the company and/or PR rep.
  7. All personal information (i.e. shipping address, phone number, e-mail address) that may be given to me for the purpose of shipping a giveaway item will only be distributed to the company or PR rep shipping the item. Over Coffee – the green edition will not retain any such information